VHF Technologies Pte Ltd
629 Aljunied Road Cititech Industrial Building #05-20 Singapore 389838
Tel : 65-67412382
Fax : 65-67487456
Email: sales@vhftech.com.sg
We specialised in :
V-Park Electronic Parking System
 -  Cashcard  / EPS Parking System
Parking Guidance System
Hands-free Vehicle Access System
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Company Profile

VHF Technologies Pte Ltd was formed in 1993. It started business as system integrator for RFID application.
It started as an authorized dealer for TIRIS (Texas Instruments Registration and Identification System) RFID products.
It had installation for containers tracking system, auto warehouse system, identification of athletes for sport timing
and the major application is hands-free vehicle access system. In Singapore, over 400 car parks for residential,
commercial and industrial building had installed the TIRIS vehicle access system. With the experience in car parks,
it had developed the electronic parking system in 2001.


VHF Technologies Pte Ltd had made themselves present in Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong.



  • V-Park Car Park System

  • V-Park Parking Guidance System


Services & Applications

  • Electronic Parking System for car parks (EPS or Cashcard parking system)

  • Parking Guidance System for car parks

  • Vehicle Access Control System for private car parks



VHF Technologies Pte Ltd is registered with Building and Construction Authority in the supply head of ME 04,
Communication and Security System, and with a financial category of L3.